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Stickman Broken bones Io


About Stickman Broken bones Io


Stickman Broken bones Io is an exciting action game, combining exciting elements of stickman games and running games. You will play as a stickman, running and jumping through many life-threatening traps. But that's not all! The game also has a unique feature, which is the broken bone system. You will clearly see Stickman's bones breaking and flying out when you encounter strong impacts. Your goal is to cause as much damage as possible to your Stickman and as many broken bones as possible. The game has simple but vivid 2D graphics, fun sounds and easy gameplay.

Many people love the game for various reasons:

• The game brings a sense of humor and entertainment when watching your Stickman break bones and fly in the air.

• Allows you to experiment with different ways of running and jumping, from normal ways to crazy and dangerous ways.

• There are many different levels, from easy to difficult, requiring you to vary your tactics and skills.

• There are rankings and shops with an upgrade system for Stickman and his vehicles. Players can purchase these items using the money they earn in the game.

Some tips to win

• Choose a vehicle that suits your level and play style. Some vehicles have high speed, some have the ability to jump high, and some have good endurance.

• Use your running and jumping skills to overcome traps and create impressive action scenes. If you touch obstacles or fall down a cliff, you will break bones and lose points.

• Take advantage of support items, such as balloons, wings or rockets, to increase your speed and altitude. These items will help you fly further and cause more damage.

I hope you will enjoy the Stickman Broken Bones II game and achieve high records.


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