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Stickman Boost

About Stickman Boost


Stickman Boost is a superb adventure game. Your mission is to control a stickman to avoid obstacles by moving, sliding, or jumping to reach the finish line.

In this game, your mission is to control your stickman to do impressive parkour moves in the most fluid way to avoid many deadly obstacles and traps. Jump as high as possible onto the wall and as far as possible through insurmountable leaps and spikes. Slide under spiked ceilings and swim in the giant pools. Some platforms collapse as soon as you jump onto them. Therefore, you have to be quick to jump to other platforms. Many alien creatures are flying on the road. You will be attacked if you come close to them. Be careful with the giant spiked wheel as they are moveable! Unlike the normal parkour, this game sometime offers you some equipment such as a kite, a rocket, a motorbike, and so on in order to overcome obstacles. Follow the directed arrows to find the way to the finish line. 

Don’t forget to check many checkpoints along the route. if you unexpectedly die on the journey, don’t worry. You can restart from the previous checkpoint you have just checked. Try your best to collect as many coins as possible. 

There are a total of 10 stages and 2 bonus stages you are expected to finish. Two bonus stages may be quite challenging for you. The game requires quick fingers to control the stickman and win the level. Do your best to beat the level in the shortest time. 

Stickman Boost has a  built-in leaderboard system that displays the names of the best players. Try to get as many stars as possible to raise your name on the leaderboard. The achievements you gain as the game progresses will be saved on the achievement board. You can check it any time. Click the statistics button to check the total runs, jumps, rolls, deaths, achievements, checkpoints, coins, stars, time played, and stages that you accumulate.

“Online save” and “Local save” modes are available in this game. You can choose the “Online save” mode to log in and save your progress online forever and get boosted bonus including awesome extra stages and Cool Ninja Plume. Otherwise, your progress will be saved locally on your computer if you choose the “Local save” mode.

Stickman Boost will hook you in as the increasing difficulty in each level. Come on! Click to play Stickman Boost and get ready to leap into the deadly adventure right now! If you are an adventurous person, you will be definitely interested in this game. Stickman Boost will give you more excitement than other adventure games. The stickman who is lost in the abandoned factory is waiting for you. He wants to find a way to leave it. Can you give him some assistance?

Tips for Stickman Boost

  • You can jump back on the wall 
  • Look at the traps before getting over them because sometimes they can move when you come close

Features of Stickman Boost

  • 10 stages and 2 bonus stages to complete
  • Various tricky traps and obstacles
  • Leaderboard supports
  • Various maps
  • Impressive 2D graphics and vibrant sound effects

How to control

  • Press “AROW KEYS’ to move, jump and slide


How many stages are there in the game? 

There are 10 stages and 2 bonus stages.

Can I play the game on mobile?

It’s available on the PC and mobile web.

How to play

  • Move, jump and slide over the obstacles

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