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Massive Multiplayer Platformer


About Massive Multiplayer Platformer


Massive Multiplayer Platformer is a thrilling multiplayer speedrun game. Your mission is to run to the finish line and get back as quickly as possible.

In this game, you have to take control of a stickman to run as fast to the finish line. After reaching the finish line, you have to get back to the starting point in the shortest time to complete the speedrun. watch out! There are various obstacles and traps such as giant buzzsaws and burning lava. The game is over if you unexpectedly fall into the burning lava or are crushed by the buzzsaw. Try to jump as high as possible to avoid them if you don’t want to lose soon. Don’t forget to collect the flag at the checkpoints to save your progress. If you fail, you will come back to the last checkpoint. You will be rewarded with a parachute after crossing the starting line. If your skin turns a rainbow colour, it indicates that you are the fastest runner.

Inspired by the Vex series, the game offers you an opportunity to race with many players over the world. Press an E or R key to open the emoji panel. Then, send other players cute emojis. Besides, this game features a leaderboard. You can open it any time you want in order to check your rank on the leaderboard.

Featuring nice 2D graphics and lively music tunes, this game will certainly bring you a scintillating playing experience. Don’t hesitate! Click the Play button to play this interesting adventure game now and enjoy it. Share the game with your friends and relatives and play this game and more Stickman games together.


Massive Multiplayer Platformer was made by Griffpatch. It was released in December 2021.


The game is available in the web browser. You can play it on both mobile devices and PC

Tips and Tricks:

  • Hold down and then jump up to jump higher
  • If you want to do a long jump, you need to run as fast as possible, then quickly press down and finally jump up.
  • When you go down a slope, you need to press down and left or right to slide
  • Hold the up arrow key and press the left or right arrow in order if you want to jump on the high wall

Features of Massive Multiplayer Platformer:

  • A variety of obstacles and traps
  • Leaderboard support
  • Multiplayer
  • Nice 2D graphics and energetic music

How to control:

  • Press “WASD” keys or “ARROW KEYS” to move
  • Press a “Z” key to crouch
  • Press a “SPACEBAR” to jump/use a parachute
  • Press an “N” to show all players names
  • Hold an” E or R” key to open Emoji panels
  • Press a “Q + R” key to reset level for speed runs

Special Moves

  • Hold down then up = high jump
  • Run then quickly press down, then up = long jump
  • On a slope press down and left or right = slide
  • Jump against a wall, then press up again = wall jump


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