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Turbo Dismounting


About Turbo Dismounting


Turbo Dismounting is a funny crash simulator game. Take control Mr Dismount to fall off the staircase and destroy everything you see along the way.


This game is about Mr. Dismount and his cars. Your mission is to hold the Start button charge the force and then release the mouse to make the stickman fall off the staircase. You can change the starting pose of the stickman by clicking on the Prev Pose and Next Pose button. Try all the poses to discover what causes the most chaos. While falling, you must damage as many things as possible and get as many hurts as possible. The more objects you can destroy, the higher score you can get. Similarly, the more hurt you get, the more points you score. Moreover, you also need to perform stunning backflips to get a high flip score. You will get an air time score if you can fly in the air as long as possible. Keep in mind that the higher score you can get, the more money you can earn. You should play the game again and again to earn as much money as possible. The shop sells a variety of vehicles such as a hoverboard, motorbike, jeep suv, sport bike, roadster, super cart and so on. You can use the money you earn to purchase them. If you use vehicles. you can cause more damage.

Game maps:

There is a total of 20 maps of two kinds in this game. The first 10 maps have no obstacles and traps. They include a space stair, slide twice, highway hold bomb, free slide, slide on fan, dance n bomb, pinball, hell’s fan, and funny dance. The resting 10 maps have many dangerous obstacles like bombs, buzzsaws, stones, arrows and so on. These obstacles may cause severe hurt, which helps you to get many points. Note that all maps are locked. Use your money to unlock them. Featuring nice 2D graphics and catchy music tunes, the game will certainly bring you a scintillating playing experience.


This game was developed by BestGames and was released in May 2018.


The game can be played unblocked in the web browser for free. It can be accessed on both mobile devices and PC

Features of Turbo Dismounting:

  • A variety of vehicles to unlock
  • 20 maps with different dangerous obstacles
  • Many starting poses
  • Simple control
  • Addicting gameplay
  • Nice 2D graphics and catchy music tunes

How to play:

Use the mouse to hold the Start button and release to make the stickman fall.


1. How to hack Turbo Dismounting:

Playing cheats is unrecommended in this game. You should play fair to have the most interesting playing experience

2. Where can I play this game?

You can play it on our website for free. It is playable on both PC and mobile devices.

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