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Johnny Rocketfingers 2


About Johnny Rocketfingers 2


Johnny Rocketfingers 2  is a thrilling point-and-click adventure game. Your objective is to find out a hideout of a gangster organization and kill all of them.

Guides to play the game:

In this game, you play as Johnny Rocketfingers who is known as a problem solver. Your mission is to look for a hideout of a large gangster organization named Thug Inc. During the game, you are allowed to use the inventory bar and three icons on the bottom of the screen. Click the mouth icon to talk, eat and drink. Click the Hand icon to punch, pick up, push and so on. Click the Eye icon to read, examine, look at and so on. An inventory bar is used to hold useful items.  Note that once you have picked stuff up, you can combine certain items together. You can click the arrow icon to cycle through your inventory items. If you want to make Jonny move, just use the cigarette cursor and click an area for him to walk to. If you are too bored of watching the scenes in the game, press a Spacebar to skip cut scenes

The plot:

Johnny Rocketfingers is the protagonist in this game. His personality is cool and laid-back. Because he killed a drug dealer on the street, he is the target for revenge of a big boss of drug dealers. When he is drinking at the bar, three thugs are sent to kill him. However, with powerful fighting skills, he defeats all of them and returns home. Unfortunately, more thugs arrive at his apartment. However, Johnny escapes successfully and comes to meet a shady man who is really working for the drug dealer. He reveals their hideout, but it is just a trap. Johnny was ambushed by the dealers' enforcers but easily knocks them out. When there is only the dealer left. he kills him in a second. Finally, the danger ends. At night, once Johnny is chilling and tells the bartender how he killed the dealer, a couple and a child go to the bar and accuse him of being a thief. The story ends with the scene of an angry man.

The game features a dynamite storyline. Therefore, it will hook you for hours to play. Don’t hesitate! Click the Start button to participate in a dangerous urban adventure with a cool guy now. In this game, you get an opportunity to watch amazing fight scenes and surprising twists. Share this game and Stickman Boost with your friends. Let play it together. 


Johnny Rocketfingers 2 was developed by Ryan Khatam of Conspiracy Entertainment.


The game is available in the web browser.

Features of the game:

  • Dynamite story
  • Simple controls
  • Many items to choose.
  • Nice 2D graphics and catchy music

How to play

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Press a SPACEBAR” to skip the scene


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