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Telekinesis Attack


About Telekinesis Attack


Telekinesis Attack emerges as a unique and engaging game that exploits the extraordinary concept of telekinesis—the ability to move. This game allows players to harness the magic of remote control, giving them unparalleled control over virtual environments.

Revealing the power of telekinesis:

Telekinesis Attack introduces players to a world where mere thought turns into a terrifying power. The game sets the stage for an exciting journey where the player uses powers to throw, manipulate, and engage enemies. As the protagonist, your telekinesis becomes the ultimate tool to overcome challenges and assert dominance.

Game play mechanics:

The core gameplay of Telekinesis Attack revolves around the intuitive use of telekinetic powers. Players move through diverse environments, encountering enemies and obstacles along the way. Want to throw enemies across the room? You can do it. Need to place objects strategically to create barriers or pathways? The power of your remote control can make it happen.

The game encourages experimentation, allowing players to explore creative ways to use their telekinetic abilities. Whether it's redirecting projectiles, disarming enemies, or solving environmental puzzles, Telekinesis Attack allows players to take full advantage of their virtual abilities.


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