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Sift Heads World Ultimatum


About Sift Heads World Ultimatum


Sift Heads World Ultimatum is an exciting point-and-click action game. In this game, your objective is to aim accurately and shoot down all your opponents.

A guide to play the game:

In this game, you play as a trio of friends who are now wanted by both the police and the Italian Mafia. Your mission is to aim accurately and shoot down all your enemies. Keep in mind that the number of bullets is limited. The mission is failed if you can’t complete it before running out of bullets. Try to stop the police without hurting them. After that, you have to break into the hideout of the Italian Mafia to meet their head, Alonzo. Do your best to kill Alonzo’s enforcements and him.

How many chapters are there in Sift Heads World Ultimatum?

The game features 6 chapters including Bloody Newcomer, Alonzod’s Reinforcement, An Exotic Job, The Treacherous Returns, Gold Memories, and Illicit Association. You must play from the initial chapter to the final one to find out what comes next for Vinnie and his gang.

  • Bloody Newcomer: In the first chapter, Vinnie and his gang are after Alonzo who is the new leader of the Italian Mafia in Chicago.
  • Alonzo's Reinforcement: In this chapter, with a grudge against Vinnie, Alonzo regrouped his men. He asked them to look for Vinnie and his partners and kill them.
  • An Exotic Job: The team goes on a safari excursion in the depths of the Amazonian rain forest to look for exotic after facts.
  • The Treacherous Returns: In this chapter, Kiro, Vinnie and Shorty have to fight against the Yakuza. Finally, they eliminate this gang successfully
  • Gold Memories: Shorty returns to Russia where her past will resurface and the guys will bring her reinforcement.
  • Illicit Association: After having their headquarters destroyed, Vinnie and his gang try to find the culprit and stop them for good.

Try to complete all chapters of the game to get Vinnie’s attic and unlock a hidden chapter and artwork album. Don’t hesitate! Click the Play button to play this thrilling finale of this series.


The game was developed by Pyrozen. It is the final game in the Sift Heads World series.

Features of the game:

  • Include 6 chapters
  • Dynamite storyline
  • Many missions to complete
  • Simple control
  • Nice graphics and thrilling sound effects

How to play:

Use the mouse to aim

Press the left mouse button to shoot


1. What is the cheat code in Sift Heads World Ultimatum?

Enter “malik” to get a minigun, “revive” to get extra health, “money” to get extra cash, “perso” to change the person and “burst” to get a shotgun.

2. Where can I play Sift Heads World Ultimatum?

You can play this game online on our website for free.


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