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Long Dog - Long Nose


About Long Dog - Long Nose


Long Dog - Long Nose is a place where your loyal canine companion boasts an extraordinary talent—extending its nose to assist you in various tasks. Whether it's grabbing a pizza or facing off against monsters, your devoted dog is ready to use its long nose for your every need. Witness the adorable and heartwarming gestures of affection as your furry friend goes above and beyond, showcasing unparalleled love for you. Let your dog take the lead and make life a delightful adventure with its endearing long nose antics. Experience the joy of companionship in this unique and lovable game.

How to play

• Step 1: Click on the "Play" button to start the game. You will see a dog with a long nose and a wooden stick to control the dog's nose.

• Step 2: Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the wooden stick up, down, left, and right. The wooden stick will pull the dog's nose in the direction you want.

• Step 3: Try to lengthen the dog's nose to achieve the goal of each level. Each level will have a different goal, such as collecting a certain number of pizzas, destroying all the monsters, or rescuing other dogs that are kidnapped.

• Step 4: Be careful not to let the dog's nose hit any obstacles or break. If the dog's nose breaks, you will have to replay that level.


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