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Escaping The Prison


About Escaping The Prison


Escaping The Prison is a funny stick figure game. Your objective is to choose the correct choice to help Henry escape from prison without getting caught.


In this game, your mission is to help Henry to escape from prison by choosing the correct items. Henry is a thief who broke into the bank and got caught by the police. Now, he is imprisoned inside the West Mesa Penitentiary. At the beginning of the game, Henry is sent a birthday cake which hides many useful items such as a file, NrG Drink, teleporter, rocket launcher, cellphone and drill. You need to choose one of them to help him to get out of prison. It may be challenging for you. If you choose the wrong item, the escaping plan will fail. Moreover, you have to make a decision quickly. Slow reflexes could land you back in your cell. There is a total of 36 choices to make. Try your best to make the right decision to win the game.


Escaping The Prison was developed by Puffballs United and released on April 11. It is the second instalment of the Henry Stickmin series


The game can be played unblocked in the web browser and Android mobile devices. Note that it is the emulated Flash version as Flash is no longer widely supported.

Tips to win all achievements in this game:

  • LU Medal: You can get this medal if you use the Cell phone to call Henry’s lawyer named Felix White. After that, present Disguising Bag to the judge.
  • BBO Medal: If you achieve this medal, you need to use the Drill and then the crowbar. Click the down arrow and then click the left arrow. 
  • SE Medal: Use the file to cut the door of the cell. After that, click the Alert button to fight against the police. Then, Henry will hide in a closet. Use the chair to climb on the ventilation pipe and go right. Finally, use the plungers to get out of the prison.
  • Lmao Medal: If you want to gain this medal, you need to click down to make Henry slip in the second quick time event in the Badass Bust Out ending,
  • BRAAAGH!! Medal: To get this medal, you need to click the sun to find the first Shoop da Whoop in any of these games in the credits of the sneaky ending.
  • Prisoneer Medal: If you fail 18 times, you will get this medal
  • Donut Want medal: Click on 5 hidden donuts in various locations to get this medal

Features of Escaping The Prison:

  • Dynamite storyline
  • Surprising twists.
  • Many options to choose
  • Simple control
  • Nice 2D graphics and vibrant sound effects

How to play:

Use the mouse to choose the item

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